Bob Penko

Chicks dig Bob because he rarely wears underwear and when he does it’s usually something unusual. His eclectic bend of funk, rock and public domain porn music styles makes him one of the most sought after bass players in the region.

When he not “slappin da bass” with Pony, you might find Bob at the park feeding the pigeons or at the corner coffee shop on open mic night waxing his own style of interpretive Latvian rope dancing. He also enjoys his time as captain of his full contact dominoes team, where he holds the league record for “Double Six” blocks, earning him the honor of “King Of The Boneyard” in six straight seasons.

Bob hails from Utah, but currently resides on a quite street in Lake County with his 4 wives and 27 children. Keeping them fed and happy can be a challenge, but as he says “anything worth doing is worth doing lots of times”. You sure won’t be able to miss him when he rolls up to Dairy Queen in the ol’ family truckster on a warm summers eve!